Many of our clients come to Apex Clinic Belfast suffering from long term pain which has continued to trouble them despite many previous medical assessments and treatments, others suffer as a result of a recent accident or sports injury and some just want a relaxing and therapeutic deep soft tissue massage. 10% of our patients come from Southern Ireland, England, Scotland & Wales due to our high success rate.

Regardless of their reason for visiting, our qualified physios, sports massage therapists, chiropodists, podiatrists and dietitians are friendly, professional and capable of quickly understanding your individual needs, putting you at ease. Our team consistently identify and deliver appropriate treatment solutions. Our many happy clients are keen to testify to the skills of the team and the positive impact Apex Clinic Belfast has made to their lives.

I don’t know exactly what caused the problem but in July 2018 I suffered sudden severe back pain. It was so bad that I had to call for an ambulance. I couldn’t walk and had to be stretchered out of the house. After this, most normal activities caused severe pain and at times, even standing still resulted in pain in my left leg. I have always been active so it was extremely frustrating. I was living with a constant nagging pain, which just wouldn’t go away.

At my first appointment, my physio was confident she could clear my pain. During the first two weeks, I began to notice improvement. I was still getting occasional leg pain but the pain in my back was rare. With just a few more sessions, the pain continued to further lessen to the point where I have now been pain-free for over 2 months.

Bryan Robinson, Ballygowan

I experienced jaw pain for the first time 8 years ago and it has been part of my life ever since. It started with an audible pop, which was extremely painful. I tried everything to clear it.

The whole left side of my face was painful. I felt like no one understood what it was like to live this way. My face and mouth were constantly sore and I was living with it frequently clicking and popping. The pain was so bad that I couldn’t even yawn.

At my initial assessment, Michelle diagnosed the pain as stemming from my neck. I attended Apex Headache Clinic twice a week before we reduced this to once a week. Over just a course of a few weeks, I noticed a gradual improvement and a couple of months later, the pain completely cleared. I couldn’t believe it!

Stephanie Cochrane, Belfast

I’ve had shoulder pain for as long as I can remember. In fact, I’d say it’s something that I was born with. While it has always been niggling, over the years, it progressively began to get worse. I tried everything to find out what was causing it, including visiting several specialists and consultants. It was always diagnosed as a ‘frozen shoulder’ or even that there was no cause at all. It was dreadful. No one could ever seem to get to the source of the problem, only ever easing the pain, while never curing it.

During my first session with Nicola, she diagnosed my shoulder pain as originating from my spine, and it was actually referring pain to my shoulder. Honestly, following just one appointment, I noticed that the pain dramatically improved, and after just seven sessions, it had completely cleared. I am delighted to say that I am still pain-free now and can’t thank Apex Clinic enough.

Heather Spence

I had a hip replacement over three years ago. Within just a few days of having the surgery, I began feeling a sharp pain in the centre of my right buttock. Initially, I put this down to the surgery and hoped it would go away, but over time, it persisted and become worse. Walking on any hard surface such as concrete or tarmac triggered the pain and sitting on hard surfaces was also painful. My wife even had to put my socks on for me everyday. I had just got the problem with my hip sorted out and now I was living with a whole new problem.

During my assessment with Nicola, she diagnosed the pain as stemming from my back. As she was carrying out treatment on my spine, I could feel a tingling sensation at the point in my buttock, and knew straight away that she was right!

After the very first appointment, my pain completely disappeared. That evening, for the first time in three years, I was able to bend down and take off my socks myself, much to my wife’s amazement. We couldn’t believe it. I am now back playing golf pain-free and I walk over an hour everyday with no pain.

John Patterson

I began experiencing a discomfort in my shoulder and left arm. Over a period of three months, this became progressively worse. I was living with a numbness in my thumb and forefinger, which had also worked its way through my arm. Although it wasn’t painful as such, I can tell you that it was incredibly uncomfortable and something I was constantly aware of. I was determined to try something because the sensation was so frustrating and I couldn’t imagine living with it forever. And so my wife phoned Apex Clinic. She spoke to Nicole, who was hopeful that she could help. After a thorough consultation and examination, Nicole began working on my spine. Within just three to four sessions, the numbness started to ease, and I finally began to feel hopeful. Now, the numbness and discomfort has completely disappeared. I almost can’t believe it!

Phil Higgins – Antrim

I have just completed 10 months of treatment under the care of Nicola. My shoulder movement was badly affected after trauma from a snowboarding accident, where I suffered four breaks in the bone around the shoulder joint. I had been warned by the consultants that the recovery would be prolonged and possibly not complete. Nicola managed the initial pain and her manipulation had immediate results, with each time giving me greater and greater shoulder movement. The improvement in my shoulder movement has been progressive, and the current level which has been achieved is almost normal – quite a result for such a series of breaks in the bone. The effort in manipulating my shoulder on each occasion must have been exhausting, but not once did Nicola go for the easy option. So… I’m convinced that the degree of my success was down to the quality of her treatment. I’ve had NHS physio before, so it’s difficult not to remark on the huge difference in approach. It is clear from comments made by my consultant, that skilled physiotherapy was singularly responsible for my fantastic outcome. I’d like to register my thanks to Apex Clinic and Nicola in particular.

Alan Kelly – Belfast

I have suffered from some sort of back trouble for almost all of my life. I have been to numerous practitioners in the past who misdiagnosed my condition. I was very fortunate to be referred to the podiatrist in Apex to investigate my severe shin splints only to find out that this originated in my back. After a further examination it was found that almost all of the issues I had been living with, shin splints, vertigo, brain fuzziness, pins and needles in my hands and feet were all related to various back problems that I had. Apex are without doubt one of the leaders in their field in Ireland and certainly the number one Belfast physio practice.

Adrian Gray – Newry

I was suffering with knee trouble for 4 years. I wasn’t fit to walk down stairs or hills without pain. I had 3 knee MRI scans, 3 different specialists, got an injection for the knee trouble and an operation but the pain was still there. I was with a physio after the operation and he said that it might be something else and told me about a Physio in Belfast, Apex Clinic. I decided to travel to Belfast for treatment. I was sent to Rebecca Nelson who told me it was a nerve in my back that was causing the pain. At first, I was a bit skeptical but she worked wonders! I am now trying to get my fitness levels up again. It has improved so much that a month ago I took part in a 5Km fun run for a local football club and I completed it in under half an hour. I would definitely recommend Apex Clinic to anybody.

Daire Nulty – Co.Cavan

My physio’s approach was thoughtful and systematic in identifying and treating the factors in my injury. Her treatments were continually adapted to my condition and she gave clear direction on how I could sustain the improvement. I like the fact that she was very pragmatic, meaning that I could continue in a more limited way with my sport while still making a full recovery.

Cliff Kells – Belfast

I began suffering from severe headaches four years ago. I can remember this so well because of the detrimental effect they were having on my life. I am always so shocked when I think back to the sudden onset of my headaches. Most people assume that they gradually build up and get progressively worse over time but for me, it was like being hit by a train. In just three short months my life has been totally transformed. After the first appointment I could already see the positive results the treatment was having. I couldn’t believe it. Initially, I attended weekly appointments and now given the success of my treatment, my visits have been reduced to once every three months. I am now 99% headache free and I honestly can’t believe it. I am delighted with the results.

Patrick Campbell – Ballymena

Nicola, I just wanted to say thank you for all your help getting me sorted out so that I could take part in the BUPA Great North Run, I couldn’t have done it without you. I followed your instructions to the letter and that combined with the physio sorted my knee out perfectly. I am still training away thanks to you.

Jennifer Coates – Belfast

As someone who works out six times a week, I recently felt that the intensity of my training was putting a strain on my body so I knew it was time to seek out professional sports massage. I had heard about Apex Clinic’s approach and booked a consultation with Sports Therapist Tim Moore. I immediately felt that Tim took his job seriously and wanted to make a difference. The effects were immediate. After my first session at Apex Clinic my body was already hurting less when lifting weights and I definitely felt that I was recovering more quickly from training sessions. My muscles now feel generally lighter, looser and freer. I can feel the difference. Sports massage at Apex Clinic has now become an essential part of my training regime.

Tiffany Brien – Belfast

Very efficient service and all the staff are very friendly. Have recommended to others.

Thomas Price – Crossgar

Suffering from vertigo/dizziness was ruining my life. I felt terrible with dizziness, every minute of every day. It was a feeling as if I had just stepped off a roller coaster ride. It didn’t matter whether I was sitting, standing, or lying down, the dizziness was still there. After hearing about Apex Headache Clinic, I booked an appointment in desperation. At the first session Rebecca diagnosed my vertigo as cervical vertigo, which stems from the upper neck region of the spine and is often misdiagnosed as vestibular vertigo, which originates from an imbalance in the inner ear. I couldn’t believe that after the first session I started to feel some relief already. I then had a course of treatment and now I feel that my life is back on track.

Richard Ross – Cullybackey

Very efficient, professional and caring service. Very impressed. 1st class all round.

Michael Bond – Ballygowan

My physio was friendly but also very professional. She put me at ease immediately and always listened to my concerns. I feel 100% better and will return if I have any further problems.

Katherine Bready – Belfast

This is the first time my condition was diagnosed properly and I will certainly recommend Apex Clinic to anyone who is in need of physiotherapy.

Joyce Wills – Warrenpoint

I have had numerous sports injuries over many years and my physio provided by Apex has been the most thorough and professional I have experienced.

David Elliot – Belfast

My headaches began when I was 11. I would start getting headaches all day long and felt like a tight band circling my head with a constant pain at the top of my neck. They got worse and worse until they became a daily occurrence and suddenly this horrible pain was consuming my life. After trying every treatment, my mum read an article about a new headache clinic at Apex and we decided to give this a shot. After a course of treatment over a few months, my headaches cleared completely. I have been totally headache-free for months now and this has been life-changing for me. I can now live my life like any normal teenager for the first time in five years.

Rachel Caldwell – Belfast