Apex Clinic Chiropody is dedicated to providing you the highest level of foot care available. We are passionate about feet.

Our state registered chiropodist has a wealth of experience and can cure or help many conditions through the following specialist services:

  • Treatment of corns, calluses and hard skin
  • Treatment of thickened and discoloured toe nails
  • Treatment of ingrown toe nails
  • Treatment of verrucas in children and adults
  • Treatment of toe pain
  • Treatment of painful hammer toes
  • Minor toe nail surgery
  • Cutting and care of toe nails if you are unable to cut them yourself

We have recently acquired a state of the art chiropody finishing machine, used in the treatment of both hard skin and thickened toe nails. This tool can provide a closer, more superior finish than the scalpel alone in areas of hard skin, and can thin down nails extremely effectively.

At Apex Clinic, we believe in the prevention of potential foot conditions as well as curing existing conditions. Some minor problems, such as a build up of hard skin from prolonged periods of standing or regular running, can eventually crack and become infected if left untreated.

We treat male and female patients alike, from children to older folk. Remember “Time wounds all heels”!

Contact Apex Clinic Belfast if you would like to discuss your symptoms or make an appointment.