“After 69-years, my shoulder is finally pain-free, thanks to Apex Clinic, Belfast”

Since childhood, 69 year-old retired civil servant Heather Spence has lived with ongoing shoulder pain. Over the years, the pain became progressively worse. In a final attempt to get to the source of the problem, she visited Apex Clinic desperate to find a cure. Here, Heather shares how the clinic’s unique regime of specialist physiotherapy treatment, called The Nelson Spinal Approach™, completely cleared her pain, meaning that she can finally enjoy her retirement.

Heather, tell us when your pain began

I’ve had shoulder pain for as long as I can remember. In fact, I’d say it’s something that I was born with. While it has always been niggling, over the years, it progressively began to get worse. I tried everything to find out what was causing it, including visiting several specialists and consultants. It was always diagnosed as a ‘frozen shoulder’ or even that there was no cause at all. It was dreadful. No one could ever seem to get to the source of the problem, only ever easing the pain, while never curing it.

How did the pain affect your life?

The pain impacted on everything I did. You don’t realise how valuable something is until you need to use it. I love Tai Chi and had to give it up because the pain was so bad. I have twin grandsons and I just wanted to run around and scoop them up, but carrying them was impossible due to the pain.

What led you to Apex Clinic?

I contacted my private health insurance provider and asked if there was anything they could do. Following a phone assessment, they recommended specialist physio with Apex Clinic, Belfast. I had tried everything else so I was keen to see if physio could ease the pain. During my first session with Nicola, she diagnosed my shoulder pain as originating from my spine, and it was actually referring pain to my shoulder. Honestly, following just one appointment, I noticed that the pain dramatically improved, and after just seven sessions, it had completely cleared. I am delighted to say that I am still pain-free now and can’t thank Apex Clinic enough.

How has Apex Clinic changed your life?

It’s been a complete turnaround. For the first time in years, my shoulder pain isn’t holding me back and I am finally attending my Tai Chi classes again. While physio is a professional service, Nicola was so personable and genuinely cares about getting her patients better. It’s awful living in pain and not being able to do the things that you love. Thanks to Apex Clinic, I can now enjoy my retirement.

What advice would you offer someone suffering from shoulder pain?

Definitely go to Apex Clinic. I am a big advocator for the amazing work that they do. Physio at Apex Clinic has changed my life and it could do the same for you.

To book an appointment at Apex Clinic, call 028 9048 4153. No GP referral is necessary.