Pain free 2015

How to have a pain-free New You in 2015

This month, Rebecca Nelson, Director of Physiotherapy at Apex Clinic and Apex Headache Clinic discusses New Year’s resolutions for a pain-free and healthier 2015.
Take action NOW for a pain-free 2015.

With busy schedules and lives, it’s easy to put off making that appointment to see your physio until pain quite literally stops you in your tracks. Don’t ignore aches and pains, letting them get the better of you in 2015. Like other things in life, our bodies need a certain amount of maintenance, especially from our thirties onwards. So, if you are suffering from back pain, neck pain or joint pain, take action fast. The longer you leave pain, the harder it is to clear.

Apex Clinic and Apex Headache Clinic can clear your pain

As with all niggles, aches and pains, headaches and migraines, we recommend that you get the origin of your symptoms as soon as possible. Apex Clinic is different to other physio clinics, as we offer a unique approach to clearing pain, based on Australian and New Zealand physiotherapy techniques. Apex Clinic’s specialist manual physiotherapy treatment regimes can clear many conditions, including headaches and migraines, restoring our patients’ quality of life and allowing them to get on enjoying life pain-free.

Never assume your pain is ‘just part of the ageing process’

At Apex Clinic, we see many people who have been told that the ageing process or general ‘wear and tear’ is responsible for their pain or headaches. Low back pain is often wrongly attributed to arthritis. We find that many of these patients are in fact suffering from a treatable problem, which can be fully resolved with our specialised manual physiotherapy treatments, and that arthritis was not the main cause of their pain.

Be kind to your neck in 2015

Research suggests that soft or flat pillows are an important factor in causing neck pain or headaches, leading to longstanding neck, shoulder and arm pain, stiffness, pins and needles or numbness in the hands and arms, painful headaches and migraines and even vertigo or dizziness. I have designed my own range of orthopaedic pillows – the Apex Sleepwell Pillow range. These pillows which you can buy on Amazon and in the Clinic, have been custom-designed in thickness and firmness to match individual needs of sleepers according to their build. They are clinically proven to reduce neck pain, neck stiffness and headaches or migraines in the majority of cases.

Treat and beat headaches and migraines in 2015
Apex Headache Clinic is helping headache and migraine sufferers of all ages – including children and teenagers, busy mums, business people and the elderly – clearing their pain for good. Apex Headache Clinic is often people’s last hope of clearing their headaches or migraines, and in most cases, we are successful. Don’t suffer in silence; take action now and make headaches and migraines a thing of the past!