“I owe a massive thanks to Apex Clinic”

For 41-year-old Business Director Phil Higgins, living with a constant numbness and discomfort, which travelled all the way from his shoulder, through his arm and into his thumb and finger was unbearable. He never imagined being free from this, until a visit to Apex Clinic gave him new hope. Here, he shares how Apex Clinic gave him a new lease of life.


Phil, how did the problem begin?

Last December, I began experiencing a discomfort in my shoulder and left arm. Over a period of three months, this became progressively worse. I was living with a numbness in my thumb and forefinger, which had also worked its way through my arm. Although it wasn’t painful as such, I can tell you that it was incredibly uncomfortable and something I was constantly aware of.

Prior to attending Apex Clinic, what measures did you take to get it resolved?

I tried all the usual routes. I saw a consultant and an MRI scan revealed a bulged disc in my spine. I was told that my only option was surgery, which would be quite major with a low success rate. This didn’t sound like much of an option to me so it was something I was just going to have to learn to live with, however impossible that sounded. I was also advised that physio may provide a little relief, however, again, the consultant wasn’t hopeful that this would really have much effect.

How was the condition affecting your life?

It was terrible. I work from a desk most of the day, which involves typing on the computer, writing, and using the phone, all of which require your hand and arm! It was incredibly uncomfortable and to be honest, it was driving me mad.

What led you to Apex Clinic?

I was determined to try something because the sensation was so frustrating and I couldn’t imagine living with it forever. And so my wife phoned Apex Clinic. She spoke to Nicole, who was hopeful that she could help. She booked an appointment but I have to admit, I was a bit skeptical at first. After a thorough consultation and examination, Nicole began working on my spine. Within just three to four sessions, the numbness started to ease, and I finally began to feel hopeful. Now, the numbness and discomfort has completely disappeared. I almost can’t believe it. My appointments were reduced to every three months and because I travel a lot with my job, I now attend a few times a year for a maintenance session.

How has Apex Clinic changed your life?

The fact that it’s something I no longer get distracted or frustrated by is fantastic. To initially be told I would have to live with this awful numbness, to now being completed clear of it is incredible.

What advice would you give someone experiencing the effects of nerve injury?

Definitely give Apex Clinic a try. The team at Apex are brilliant and Nicole was so confident that she could fix my problem. I am glad I put my trust in her. The cure you’ve been searching for might just be waiting for you at Apex Clinic!

To book an appointment at Apex Clinic, call 028 9048 4153. No GP referral is necessary.