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“Thanks to Apex Clinic, I can finally enjoy my retirement, pain-free”

73 year-old retired teacher, John Paterson, was living with constant buttock pain, which was ruining his retirement. He visited Apex Clinic desperately seeking a cure. Here, he shares how the clinic’s unique regime of specialist physiotherapy treatment, called The Nelson Approach™, completely cleared his pain.

John, how did the problem begin?

I had a hip replacement over three years ago. Within just a few days of having the surgery, I began feeling a sharp pain in the centre of my right buttock. Initially, I put this down to the surgery and hoped it would go away, but over time, it persisted and become worse. Walking on any hard surface such as concrete or tarmac triggered the pain and sitting on hard surfaces was also painful. My wife even had to put my socks on for me everyday. I had just got the problem with my hip sorted out and now I was living with a whole new problem.

How was the pain affecting your life?

It was a nuisance. I’ve been active my entire life and still play golf a few times a week, as well as walking everyday. I was living with a constant, nagging dead sensation in my buttock. When walking, I’d have to stop every 50 yards because the pain was so severe. I’m a stubborn person so I persevered but I knew I couldn’t go on like this and so my search for relief began.

What led you to Apex Clinic

During a physiotherapy assessment elsewhere, I was told the pain was due to a tight hamstring. I wasn’t convinced, and when a friend recommended I try Apex Clinic, I decided a second opinion was needed. During my assessment with Nicola, she diagnosed the pain as stemming from my back. As she was carrying out treatment on my spine, I could feel a tingling sensation at the point in my buttock, and knew straight away that she was right!

After the very first appointment, my pain completely disappeared. That evening, for the first time in three years, I was able to bend down and take off my socks myself, much to my wife’s amazement. We couldn’t believe it. I am now back playing golf pain-free and I walk over an hour everyday with no pain. I even met a friend recently who told me that I looked five inches taller! The last time she saw me out walking I was stooped over in pain and so she couldn’t believe the difference.

What advice would you offer someone suffering from pain?

Definitely book an appointment at Apex Clinic. I wouldn’t go anywhere else. Nicola was fantastic and I am over the moon with the outcome.

To book an appointment at Apex Clinic, call 028 9048 4153. No GP referral is necessary.