Top tips for a fitter, healthier & pain-free 2013

Rebecca Nelson, Clinic Owner at Apex Clinic and Apex Headache Clinic discusses New Year’s resolutions for a fitter, healthier and pain-free 2013 with resolutions for healthy living that don’t cost the earth.

We have all been there; every New Year, people everywhere embark on New Year’s regimes to make themselves fitter, healthier, slimmer and happier. We all know that exercise is good for us, making us more likely to live longer and avoid health risks such as heart disease and stroke. This month, we want to share some great tips you may never have heard about that really do make a difference without costing a fortune.

Apex Clinic’s top tips for the New Year

1. Take action against pain fast

Your body and the health choices you make will determine your ability to exercise, move and enjoy life. If you are fit and pain-free, you will be able to do the things you love doing for longer!
Be careful not to ignore aches and pains. Like other things in life, our bodies need a certain amount of maintenance. So, if you are suffering from back, neck or knee pain, take action fast. The longer you leave pain, the harder it is to clear.

2. Think about your bra strap in 2013

Ladies, a top tip for 2013 is to consider the support offered by your bra strap. Wearing a bra with a slim strap at the back on a regular basis can actually be bad for your back. This can force one vertebra (or bone) to be held in a rigid position, whereas spreading the load with the support of a wider strap allows the vertebrae to move more freely. So, save your backs by keeping your bras with a thinner strap across the back for going out at night and occasional wear.

3. High heel horrors: ditch your killer heels for comfort and support

Recent research suggests that up to a third of women suffer permanent problems as a result of their prolonged wearing of ‘killer heels’, ranging from hammer toes, bunions, knee and back pain and irreversible damage to leg tendons. Many of the problems are caused by the increased pressure high heels put on the ball of the foot; the higher the heel, the greater the pressure. We suggest you save your high heels for the weekend and swap killer heels for a low shoe with good support day-to-day.

4. Skinny jeans can cause nerve damage

Celebrities like Kate Moss and Russell Brand have made skinny jeans a ‘must-have’ item in many of our wardrobes. However, doctors in the US have recently warned of the health risks of skinny jeans, blaming them for causing nerve damage due to compression of the nerve that runs down the outer part of the thigh. Symptoms of nerve pain include pins and needles, numbness and pain in the upper legs. And it’s not just women who need to wear their skinny jeans in moderation; men also need to be careful as tight jeans have been linked to lowering sperm count, urinary tract infections and bladder problems in men.

5. Burn your feather pillows!

Research shows that feather pillows are a major factor in causing neck pain and headaches. We recommend a firm, supportive pillow that is not too flat and will be kind to your neck joints. We also suggest you avoid sleeping on your front as your neck won’t like this.

6. Let your locks loose: tight pony tails can cause headaches

Wearing your hair in a tight pony tail or ‘up’ style can actually cause headaches by tugging on the nerves of the scalp. Try letting your locks loose and leave the high tight pony tails for doing exercise or going to the gym.